What People Are Saying

“…no high pressure…”

Jim was always easy to talk with and knowledgeable.
He is not a high pressure kind of guy but makes sure I know how his expertise will meet my needs.

Ken Mahl

Owner, Quality Metal Products, Inc

“…inquisitive, thoughtful and honest…”

Jim is open and honest and easy to talk to.
He asks many questions before making decisions.
He is inquisitive and thoughtful.

Michelle Moran-Gosselin

Managing Broker, Heney Realtors

“…honest, positive, self-motivated…”

Jim’s strengths as I see it, are his ability to deal with people/situations as they present themselves.
Honesty and integrity
Quick to problem solve.
Very neat and orderly
Always maintains a positive attitude
Open to new ideas
Self motivated
This is what comes to mind when I think of Jim.

John Kennon

Sales Executive, Highway Equipment Sales

“…organized with great communication skills…”

Jim’s most unique strength is his ability to communicate. We could always count on Jim to communicate what we needed to run our operations smoothly.

We were also impressed with how organized Jim was. His projects were very well organized and easy to access. By being so organized, he was able to operate his business much more effectively. Wish others in this fleet were half as organized as Jim was!

Trevor McEnroe

Operations Manager, Prime Transport, Inc.

“…skilled communicator and problem solver…”

I believe Jim is skilled in interpersonal communication and problem-solving. As an analytical thinker, he helps others come to an understanding of complex ideas. He is persuasive and sincere–a powerful combination in communicating ideas or broadening the perspective of another person.

Dr. Chris Sonenblum

Coordinator of Licensing and Leadership Development, University of Minnesota

“… follows through without letting problems get in the way of results…”

As a businessman, Jim can determine what works best for your operation. He will follow through with what needs to be done.. Most people have no idea what it takes to run a small business and he has been successful at this.

He also can shift gears from one topic to another without skipping a beat. He has a good grasp of how things work in our world and can function without letting all the problems, which are many, get in the way of what he would like to have happen. I enjoy our conversations.

Joe Warantz

Owner, Midtown Estates, LLC


Jim is willing to try something new and see it through to the end.

Dr. Bill Warnock, ND

Founder, Champlain Center for Natural Medicine

“… caring, kind, honest…”

Jim is a caring, kind friend, who listens and shares his honest thoughts.

Craig Palmer

Driver, Algonquin Fuels

“…good character, ability to go it alone, yet very sociable…“

My first thoughts of Jim are that he’s outgoing, talkative, and pleasant to be around. My perception is that he is a kind person of good character. Jim obviously has the unique ability to spend many hours alone! That is a strength that many people do not have, the ability to not rely on others, to be a bit of a “lone wolf”. And yet, he is still so very sociable!

Dr. Heather Diederich, DC

Founder, Back To Wellness Chiropractic

“…easy to talk to…”

Jim is so easy to talk to and a good listener!! Plus he is interested in many things and knowledgeable and not afraid to investigate!!

Vivian Bell

Elementary School Teacher, Lincoln, NE

“…a great person…”

Jim is a great person always willing to talk to anybody no matter who they are. What they do doesn’t matter. He takes a person for a person and is just great to talk to.

Pete Whiton

Driver, Long Line Trucking, Inc

“…interest in others, warmly remembered…”

Jim meets others very well; his friendly, positive approach puts others at ease. He is an outstanding conversationalist. His demeanor conveys interest in others and sincerity. Consequently, he tends to be remembered warmly by those he meets..

Louise Mier

Occupational Therapist, ret., Berlin Elementary School District

“… good writer, good storyteller, great ideas…”
Jim is a good writer. Very natural. Very conversational. And a good storyteller, which is great.
I’m happy to publish this. Love the section on how to get to know your audience and the ideas for doing audience research.

Heather Robson

Editor, Wealthy Web Writer

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